Reviving this site for a bit

I’ve been wanting to post on a blog lately, but the state of my normal site is such that it needs a fair bit of work before I’m happy using it full time. I briefly revived one of my blogs—I wrote exactly one post there—but the limitations of the free plan are intolerable. It used to be a much nicer platform, but they’ve really fucked it up.

So, since I don’t want to spend the next several days fixing up my other site, I just switched DNS back to this one and here we are. Back on ye olde self-hosted wordpress.

For the immediate future I’ll be focusing on three things: short reviews of the media I’m consuming in bulk lately (late 80s to early 00s anime); discussion of practical action on the culture war front; and some posts about my actual writing efforts. I’m still casting about for a way of making myself accountable in a way that will actually motivate me to write, and so far, what I’ve tried has not worked. I’ll experiment with that for a bit.

Of course the side benefit of this blog is it gets me used to writing and publishing again. It’s amazing how quickly that habit disappears.

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