NaNoWriMo – day 27

I just wrapped up one of the stories I wrote for NaNoWriMo. It’s a bit over 13,000 words. I do intend to continue the plot, but I’m considering this the end of that particular section of the story because I’m going to branch the story in two directions. One will follow the characters in the story I just wrote, while the other will deal with the fallout from what happened in the first story as experienced by other characters. I’m not sure if I want to write it up as a novel, with this part as Book 1, or a series of novelettes and novellas. I have at least four stories planned for the main character I’ll introduce in the fallout-from-this-story branch, and they all feel like about 15-25,000 word stories.

I’m at 34,200 words for the month, including the 450 words I wrote this morning. There are only four days left including today, so I need to pull four ~4000 word days in a row to make it. I think what I need to do to hit 50k is, instead of bouncing around writing different stories, try to write one complete story start to finish. Or at least pick up one of the stories I started this month and focus solely on that, working through the uncertain bits that are making me stop, so that I’m not diffusing my efforts and losing focus as a result. I like working on several stories at once, but there’s no doubt in my mind it’s dinging my productivity.

I’m pretty good at working in a crunch, since that is kind of my natural state. I procrastinate, but make sure I have enough time to get the job done, then bang it out just in time. I’ve always been this way, and it’s possible I’ll never change (even though I want to). So I think I’ll make 50k, one way or another, even if it means writing 10,000 words on Nov 30.

Thanksgiving turned out to be very disruptive. Things were a bit weird this year and I ended up essentially spending four days on family-related Thanksgiving things. Family came up from Tennessee and I had to see them Friday, and our “official” gathering didn’t happen until yesterday, while requiring some prep Saturday since it was at my place. The only reasons I got any words done at all the last couple days were because I’ve successfully made a habit of writing, and because writing is coming much, much easier to me than it was a month ago. The last couple days I banged out ~1500 words each day even though I barely had any time to write. It’s now pretty easy to get started and my productivity is determined by how little I alt-tab out of FocusWriter to look something up, as long as I know where the story is going.

Otherwise, I’ve been itching to do some blog posts but I haven’t wanted to distract myself from my fiction writing. And starting Friday I’m going to be out of town to hunt for several days. Maybe if I get a solid 4000+ words this afternoon and still have some energy I’ll write up at least one of those posts.

Anyway. I’m off to write, as soon as I decide which story to work on. The horror story, or the more fun adventure story? Or something new entirely? Decisions, decisions.

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