NaNoWriMo update – day 20

It’s more like National [Pile of novelettes] Writing Month, the way I’m doing it. Only one of the stories I’ve worked on this month is a novel-length work and at about 6000 words in, I’m not sure I’m going to continue it.

I’m at about 22,000 words of fiction total for the month, which is about 10,000 behind where I should be. I want to hit 50k this month, and I will try to bust my ass to do so over the next few days, but on the whole I’m actually quite pleased with how much more productive I’ve become.

I took a long stretch of time off from writing this year. I don’t think I wrote a single word between about mid January 2017 and October 2017. I focused hard on programming instead, and didn’t even blog. When I started trying to get back into writing in September, it was a real struggle. I got a few words down in October, but not many. I was having a lot of trouble focusing.

Wrote on 11 days
Wrote 6034 words
549 words written per writing day
195 words written per day overall

This month has been much, much better. Ignoring today, since it’s not even 10 AM and I am going to get my writing done after this, I’ve written 21769 words in 19 days, with 5 days where I didn’t write at all.

November (through Nov 19)
Wrote on 14 days
Wrote 21769 words
1555 words written per writing day
1146 words written per day overall

So I’m almost three times as productive on my writing days compared to October, and I’m writing significantly more often. I can feel it getting easier and easier to focus and produce, too. Back in September I could plan stories but could not get started, and I had a hell of a time writing even a coherent blog post. In October, I could blog okay, but fiction was a real slog. Now, blog posts are very easy to bang out (as they should be) and my fiction productivity is okay. It’s not coming as easily as it used to, but it’s not bad.

My goal is 4000 words a day, at least five days a week. One million words a year. I’m going to keep grinding until I get there, keep refining my technique and paring away at distractions. I know I can get 4000 words done in way less than 8 hours. I’ve done it. I’ve had my 8000+ words days. I just need to get back to that level, find that well of inspiration that lets me drive hard without having to stop every 500 words.

And I can feel it coming back, you know. I tap that vein sometimes, and just let the creativity flow. It feels good.

To win NaNoWriMo, I need to write a bit over 28,000 more words and I have 11 days to do it, counting today. That’s a mere ~2546 words per day. I will get it done.

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